A Showroom of Stone in Bristol

Intrigued? You should be. Our luxury showroom in Bristol is designed with design in mind, showcasing our high-end products up close. Choosing how to add flair to a space is a selective process, influenced by mood, style and personal vision. Plan-It Stone Ltd feel strongly that incorporating decor into a space can affect and alter the way it feels, which is why we provide units made from colours and textures we feel promote a nourishing and refined ambience.

Marble, Stone & Quartz Worktops in Bristol

Granite Worktops: Representing the pinnacle of durability, our granite worktops embody strength and resilience. Crafted from entirely natural stone, they boast scratch-resistant qualities ideal for high-traffic kitchens.

Quartz Worktops: Seeking a diverse palette to seamlessly complement your kitchen decor? Look no further than our quartz worktops. Renowned for its extensive range of colours, quartz combines beauty with practicality, exuding style and sophistication effortlessly.

Marble Worktops: Beyond their effortless maintenance, marble worktops exude an aura of sophistication, elevating any kitchen to a realm of luxury. Ideal for refining spaces, these worktops offer the perfect blend of practicality and opulence for your culinary prowess.


Organic Beauty

Our showroom shows our range of finishes, showing how the pigment and quality of the materials we supply allure and captivate. The spectrum of designs reveals the uniqueness of each piece, demonstrating the way colour, texture and pattern come to the forefront to provide prominence and unparalleled sophistication. Whether you’re looking to touch up, renew or revamp your kitchen, our surfaces are crafted to elegantly upgrade, adding an eye-catching focal point to any and every space.

Raw, Earthy Elements

Lifestyles are changing, meaning the spaces we live in are too. Nowadays, it’s typical that we seek places to live in that feel stripped-back, tranquil and calm, offering somewhere to unwind and slow down amid the everyday. Using organic materials within the home can help to embed elements of serenity, aiding the atmosphere in providing richly natural environments made from raw, earthy elements.

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The Right Finish For You

Whether you're a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, our worktops are tailored to exceed your expectations. The materials we work with combine visual prominence with an awareness of practicality, offering both durability and elegance to elevate your culinary space.

Our Service

With over four decades of experience, we trade with commitment to home enhancement. We source and stock products that stand out for their high quality, providing decorative flair to your property that adds a real statement.

Visit Our Leading Showroom & View Our Prominent Worktops in Bristol

We’ve curated our showroom to be a space where you can visit at leisure, see the surfaces we have to offer and take a look at our mesmerising materials up-close. We’re based within easy-reach of Bristol’s city-centre, on Yelverton Road, close to the famous port which was the starting place for early voyagers off to explore the world and what lay beyond. Our mast is up, ready to likewise embark on a collaborative journey that our showroom has been adequately set-up to provide for.

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