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Plan-it Stone is the leading supplier and installer of stone worktops in Bristol, with the go-to choice for a high-quality kitchen worktop being the notorious Quartz. But what is Quartz? Essentially, Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral form of silicon dioxide. It’s among the most abundant minerals in the world, and is the second most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. It’s prized for its durability and sparkly composition, making it perfect for creating aesthetically stunning and durable kitchen worktops.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Kitchen Worktop

Our high-grade Quartz is also known as an ‘engineered stone’, created using a combination of quartz and other polymers. It is an extremely hard wearing and strong product, up to 7 times stronger than natural stone, and is incredibly resistant to both scratching and staining. This makes it the ideal material for use in kitchen worktops, which are subject to heat, liquid spills and every day wear and tear. The engineered aspect of Quartz also means that it is available in a wide variety of colours, from natural looks to vibrant and unique shades and tones, you can also have your Quartz kitchen worktop cut to size, shaped to fit the flow of your room. The big benefit of our Bristol Quartz worktops is that they require much less maintenance than many other worktop options. Unlike wooden worktops, they are highly resistant to damage, requiring much less maintenance and contain higher antibacterial properties.

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At Plan-It Stone, we are experts in the installation of Quartz worktops. We are proud to offer worktops from some of the best and most renowned engineered stone brands from around the world. This includes Unistone, CRL Stone, Technistone, Silestone and Ceasarstone - all of which are extremely durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

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At Plan-It Stone we are confident in our ability to deliver a top quality kitchen worktop cut to size with a fast, efficient installation. No matter the size of your kitchen, whatever the style you are looking for, and within any budget, we have the perfect engineered stone worktops in Bristol to suit your needs. With our impressive selection from Unistone, CRL Stone, Technistone, Ceasarstone and Silestone Quartz worktop in particular, you can guarantee that your idyllic kitchen will be achieved to the highest standard by our professional kitchen worktop suppliers in Bristol.

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